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About Us

Supporting the NABat program in the Southeast

The Southeast (SE) Bat Hub was created in summer 2022 to coordinate NABat survey projects in 

Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina,

South Carolina, and Tennessee.


Within the region, the SE Bat Hub is working with current NABat practitioners and recruiting new partners to achieve our goals of increasing bat monitoring to better inform conservation of bats, maximizing data collected in NABat priority grid cells, and promoting the long-term sustainability of the NABat program. We will establish a regional data management and processing center to ensure consistent manual vetting of acoustic calls, improve efficiencies, and assist partners with data calls for species recovery and classification assessments. The Hub will strive to achieve the highest quality data possible for use in State Wildlife Action Plans, Natural Resource Management Plans, Endangered Species Act planning, and other management needs and regional assessments.

Big brown bats huddled together hibernating in a cave
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