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GIS & Mapping

Map Products and Services to Assist NABat Activities

The SE Bat Hub can provide GIS-based mapping assistance to new and existing NABat projects. We can help you find official NABat layers, habitat information, road locations and classifications, or other data for planning NABat surveys, or analyzing effects of geographic features on bats. We have provided some GIS data below, but feel free to contact us if you need other data or assistance with mapping services.

NLCD map of SEBatHub region in southeastern USA

GIS Data

Geographic data layers to assist NABat related activities

5 km GRTS quadrant inter-cardinal ID

conus_mastersample_5km_QuadID_SEBatHub shapefile

This ArcGIS shapefile is a polygon layer of the 5 km quadrants of NABat GRTS cells within the southeast region. We added a field, Quad_ID, indicating the inter-cardinal direction (NW, NE, SW, or SE) of each quad. You can use this layer to get the quad ID of survey locations with the Spatial Join tool. This can be very useful for checking site locations, or to automatically generate NABat-centric site names for sensitive survey locations, for instance.

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